IV Therapy for Hydration, Immune Strengthening, Metabolic Conditioning, and Stress Reduction is now a routine part of our practice.  While all patients undergoing surgery receive IV therapy , we have found it helpful for our active patients who want to improve their wellness to stay healthy and competitive in the Bay Area.

The following menu of IV therapy is determined during one of your visits and may become part of your regular skin care and anti-aging regimen.

Hydration IV DRIP

1000ml IV Fluid Bag of Balanced Saline and Potassium

Energy Antioxidant IV DRIP

1000ml IV with B12 and Vitamin C

Skin Boost / Post Care /Immune Boost IV DRIP

250ml Myers Cocktail, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc and Glutathione

Metabolic Balance IV DRIP

1000ml with L-Carnitine and Innositol

Hangover IV DRIP

1000ml with B Complex, Zofran

Flu Recovery

1000ml, Bcomplex, Vit C, Zofran, & Pepcid