Lip rejuvenation can involve smoothening of vertical lip lines sometimes referred to as “smokers lines”, plumping up thinning of the the pink lip, and lifting the corners of the lips.  Dr. Newman uses a combination of injection with autologous fat or FDA approved gels like Restylane, Juvederm, Versa or RHA filler with Skin Resufacing with Laser, Chemical Peel, dermabrasion and surgical lifting of the skin to produce a rejuvenation of the entire perioral complex.  Each patient is unique with regards to their needs and the degree of correction.  Below are several examples where a combination of treatments have been used.  In addition the use of Permalip soft silicone implants can be used for conservative lip enhancement.
Pre-existing lip asymmetry and volume loss.
Post injection of lip filler to correct asymmetry and hydrate lip volume naturally.
Pre Hydrodermabrasion Lip I
Pre Hydrodermabrasion with Dermasweep
Post Hydrodermabrasion Lip I
Post Hydroermabrasion with Dermasweep
Pre LIp CLose up Frontal Lynn
Pre Lip Augmentation with Implant
EPSON DSC picture
5 Year After Lip Augmentation Note long term maintenance of Result
EPSON DSC picture
Before Laser Resurfacing and Lip Implant
EPSON DSC picture
1 Year After Laser Resurfacing and Lip Implant