The Laser Peel and Needle RFis a quick and effective way to promote healthy collagen with just a weekend recovery.  A fractional carbon dioxide laser or erbium laser such as the FRAXIS PRO is used to treat the upper layers of skin and allows the sun damaged skin to peel off.  There is one to two days of redness and no wound to take care of besides applying a thin amount of aloe or aquaphor ointment for 48 hours.  Needle RF such as the Secret RF, Morpheus 8, or Profound can be combined with Laser Peels to stimulate deeper collagen and elastin fibers. Dr. Newman performs the laser peel for patients who are maximizing their home skin care regimen and are looking for additional collagen stimulation.

Fraxis Pro laser peel being performed after topical anesthesia. Note mild redness.
Laser Peel with Fraxis CO2 Laser, weekend recovery.
Advanced CO2 Fractional laser with microneedle RF.

Microneedle RF (for mild downtime, weekend recovery)

Advanced technology such as the Secret RF from Cutera, and Morpheus8 from InMode, and Profound RF, from Candela can be combined with CO2 laser peels to stimulate deeper levels 2-3mm under the skin to produce more dramatic reduction in skin laxity.

Graphic of the insulated needles and energy delivered during actual treatment.
Patient receiving comfortable Needle RF treatment, note mild redness on skin.

Sublative Rejuvenation (for minimal downtime, one day recovery)

Sublative rejuvenation uses radiofrequency energy to promote collagen deposition and is most effective on fine lines and acne scars.  Also known as EMatrix, and Pixel RF, this type of radiofrequency treatment can be used on arms , chest, neck and back to smooth skin from acne and wrinkles.  Typically a series of 3-6 treatments are performed at monthly intervals with just the use of topical anesthetic cream.