Dr . Newman has selected this technology for his patients desiring a no downtime, effective treatment for face and neck.

Sofwave is the latest generation of non-invasive energy which using parallel beam ultrasound technology to create precise collagen tightening in the dermal zone of the skin without injuring deeper structures.

Sofwave Generator and Panel for Customize Energy Delivery.
Sofwave Applicator with ultrasound Gel delivering 7 parallel beams of energy precisely 2.5 mm under the skin.
Pre Treatment of lax skin in chin/ neck area.
Post Treatment with Sofwave after 3 months showing improved skin laxity.
Before Sofwave Treatment
Areas targeted with Sofwave. Note the fine lines in the cheek, neck skin laxity. See the after photo in the next picture.
Post Treatment 6 months after Sofwave, Note the areas of improvement. Better jawline, reduced fine lines, and tighter neck skin.