Both the Fraxel Laser and the Pixel Laser are adaptations of the popular Erbium Laser designed to improve skin texture with very little downtime or anesthesia requirements.

The unique properties of both of these lasers, is the ability to create microthermal zones of tissue treatment in between untouched skin. This allows patients to recover faster and notice results over time with a series of treatments.

We are pleased to offer these minimal downtime laser procedures in addition to the Cool Touch Laser System and Thermacool System from Thermage.

Dr. Newman customizes the treatment recipe for different depths of the skin as well as superficial conditions of the skin which are concerning to each patients.


According to Dr. Newman, wonderful results can be achieved with all of the above listed products as long as a proper diagnosis is made and patients are educated about the process which often involves a series of treatments.

pixellasertoolThese newer treatments need to be compared and contrasted with more immediate modalities such as the Long pulse Erbium laser and other resurfacing modalities such as hydro-dermabrasion (Dermasweep) and trichloroacetic acid peels.

The important thing for patients to understand, is that our office is proficient with all of the systems and the importance of making an informed medical decision about the treatment plan for your specific condition.

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