Mini-Lift aka Weekend Facelift

This procedure rejuvenates the jowls and jawline skin laxity with improvement in the side lines in front of the ear. Patients like this procedure because of the limited downtime and the reduced cost of this procedure.

Moderate Lift / MACS Lift

This procedure adds cheek lifting and submentoplasty to the minilift and has a more extensive dissection of the SMAS. The lax tissues under the chin and near the midline of the neck are reduced and tightened with a combination of surgery and liposculpting .

Deep Plane Lift With Neck Lift

This procedure combines everything in the moderate lift with a more extensive dissection into the neck to draw up loose skin down to the chest and includes lifting around the temple and lateral brow to take care of excess hooding of the outer corner of the eyelid.

Rejuvenate Your Face To Look & Feel Younger

There are three main types of face lift surgery performed, and the specific technique depend on the condition of the muscles, SMAS, and skin.  Dr. Newman has been performing Face Lift surgery for the past 15 years and has experience with over 1,000 patients.

Your initial consultation is extremely important. Dr. Newman will evaluate your skin elasticity, muscle tone, and underlying bones to verify if you are a good candidate for a face lift, plus speak to you about your goals, desired outcome, and medical history. 

Facelift 2

James Newman MD, FACS

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