Energy Based Face & Neck Rejuvenation

All of the technologies listed here were developed to enhance facial appearance without surgery by using heat to contract collagen while protecting the surface of your skin.

The quest for the most effective and pain free method to achieve this goal is ongoing.

The first successful technology began with Thermage which uses RF (radiofrequency energy) in 2001. The Thermage treatments have evolved to become more tolerable and deliver more energy to the collagen to produce more effective results.

Ultherapy was developed using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to create heat at various depths in the facial tissues. It also added a visualization feature to allow physicians the ability to see some anatomy of an individuals face.

While Ultherapy requires extra pain medication and injections to make the procedure tolerable, the energy levels of Ultherapy can be reduced to make the procedure more comfortable, but multiple treatments are required.

The biggest advance in the quest for the ideal non surgical “facelift” is with temperature controlled and impedance controlled RF technologies such as the new EXILIS and PROFOUND technologies. These treatments can deliver more energy and greater results with less discomfort to patients.

In fact, when patients were evaluated having all three of the current treatments, EXILIS was chosen by patients as the most effective treatment.

Dr. Newman has been using all of the technologies for the past 12 years of experience and feels that at the current time, the EXILIS treatment with his specific protocol produces the most cost effective improvement in non surgical facial rejuvenation.

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