The Palo Alto Lift is Dr. Newman’s unique approach to his non-surgical & minimally invasive early intervention concept of facial aging.  This procedure involves the combination of multiple modes of therapy involving medical grade skin care, energy based collagen treatments and volume restoration.  By combining these procedures in proper prescribed doses, Dr. Newman is able to achieve maintenance of natural youth and beauty without any significant loss of time from work or lifestyle–an absolute must for professionals in Silicon Valley.

All patients shown have had at least three out of four of the  main modes of treatment: 1)Medical Grade Skin Care, 2)Energy based collagen stimulation with Lasers, Radiofrequency and Ultrasound, 3) Volume replacement with natural fat, platelet rich plasma gel, hyaluronic gel and neuromodulators 4)Minimally Invasive Neck Tite.

Before & After Photos
(Individual Results May Vary)