Injectible fillers have become a popular treatment for enhancing areas of the face. 

According to Dr. Newman, there has been a growing popularity amongst our patients seeking a non surgical Rhinoplasty. Dr. Newman has been cautious in the use of certain fillers and has been able to alter the shape of the external nose instantly with little or no downtime.

In the right patient, a liquid filler can address isolated nose deformities such as a hump in on the bridge of the nose or some soft irregularities sometimes seen after surgery.

Because Dr. Newman is an expert in nasal surgery and analysis, he can have patients try out a reshaped nose and help people determine if they want it undergo a more permanent procedure.

When considering a “liquid nose job”, keep in mind the results are temporary lasting anywhere from 6 months to one year.  The procedure has to be done carefully and can be reversed sooner of a patient desires the original shape.

The liquid nose job or rhinoplasty is done with local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. Cost ranges from $1500 for minor irregularities up to $4000 for a complete change.

The pictures shown here are actual patients of Dr. Newman. 

Reach out and send in your photos and concerns to see if you are a candidate for a liquid Rhinoplasty.

Before & After Photos
(Individual Results May Vary)