No Down Time

All of these treatments listed are performed without the need for anesthesia in many cases and use topical or local anesthesia for sensitive skin. This means that you can have a treatment performed and return to your normal activities with virtually no pain and no down time. For the past five years patients have benefited from these procedures and often return every few months to the office at their appointed schedules to maintain refreshed and healthy looking skin. These procedures are known as noninvasive or non-surgical treatments because after completing the pain free treatment, there is virtually no active recovery or discomfort experienced by the patient. We have been a leader in this area of noninvasive therapies and Dr. Newman teaches other physicians about the successes achieved under his direction.

Explore these unique treatments on our web site or come in for a consultation to see if one or a combination of these noninvasive treatments is right for you.

Before and After