The Vanquish system is a painless, noninvasive, non-contact RF system that selectively heats up fat cells (adipocytes) through a gentle process over 30-40 minutes to destroy fat cells (apoptosis) while preserving other structures.  The result is natural smooth reduction in body contour without bruising or marks on the skin.

How does the Vanquish work?

vanguish-2The Vanquish delivers radiofrequency based on the impedance of the tissues.  The device constantly adjust the power of the energy to induce and maintain homogeneous or even heating of the tissues.  The temperatures selectively heat up the fat cells which rupture and undergo cell death also known as apoptosis.  The body then reabsorbs the contents from the destroyed fat cells and metabolizes them through the gastrointestinal system.

Fat cells have less conductivity compared to the skin and muscles.  This allows for the vanquish to take advantage of this differential impedance properties of tissues.  The temperature reaches 4e-45 C within fat cells causing cell death, while the surrounding tissues keep cooler at 40-41 C.


How are the treatments performed and how long do the results last?

Patients are placed on a comfortable table bed and the Vanquish is then positioned by Dr. Newman’s trained staff.  The device is then tuned for each patient and the field of RF then begins to heat the subcutaneous tissues.  The process takes approximately 30 minutes.  A total of 3-4 treatments are needed to produce a noticeable and smooth result.  Dr. Newman has obtained excellent results with the technology and follows the treatments with aggressive lymphatic massage to help patients see results within a few weeks.  As long as the patient maintains their current diet and lifestyle, the results will be maintained for many years.

How does this noninvasive treatment compare to other technologies and what are the most common side effects?

The Vanquish is the only non-contact technology which produces adequate heat to produce permanent cell death resulting in noticeable changes in the body contour.  Because of the non-contact effect and gentle temperature rise, there is minimal discomfort and risk of side effects. Patients are able to return to work or home with no downtime.  The most common side effects are temporary feelings of warmth , tenderness or some focal redness on the skin.  Patients are able to resume exercise and activities immediately afterwards.

Who is the best candidate for a Vanquish treatment?

Anyone who maintains an active lifestyle and has unwanted fat around the abdomen and waist.  The vanquish treatments are not designed for weight loss but to improve body contour.  All patients treated at our Premier Plastic Surgery office have noted significant results.  To see if you are a candidate, please call the San Mateo office at 650 340-7200.

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